Uhuru Kenyatta Defends his Role in the Fight Against Corruption

GOK, President  |  10.18.16   By Politics Africa Staff

It’s no secret that Kenya is among the most corrupt countries in the World.  Often, Corruption issues are laid at the feet of the sitting President.  In this case, President Uhuru Kenyatta leader of the Jubilee political party and leader of the Executive branch.

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It was yesterday at a Summit arranged by State House and broadcast live on Kenyan Television, that President Kenyatta interrupted proceedings to set the record straight, as he see’s it.  He defended his record in the fight against corruption, by saying he has taken every step that’s constitutionally available to him to curb corruption.  He cited recent suspensions and sackings of government officials as well as fully resourced agencies that are tasked with fighting graft.

He called out the well known former corruption Czar who has exiled himself overseas, Mr. Githongo, to come and discuss solutions to corruption at home instead of in the International press.  He also seemed to lay blame for the bottleneck of corruption cases squarely at the feet of the Judiciary.  Which he said according to the constitution he has no authority over.

This is an unusually candid way of speaking for an African head of State.  The full speech is below for your viewing:

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